Sonntag, 28. Februar 2016

Saying goodbye? Or just see you later?


I just had my "good bye party". Just with family and neighbors. Almost the same like 4 years ago, when I went to the US.
But this time I feel a little more sad.
I wasn't pay as much attention as I should. I was distracted by my future hostmom and I think that hurt my grandparents.
I will stop by them on Monday one more time but still I feel sad.
I can't imagine how hard it is for them to let me go again. But I know it is the right think to do for me.
I will miss them and I promised myself to call them all two weeks and I hope I can hold up this promise.


Samstag, 27. Februar 2016

Time issues!!


As my departure comes closer and closer, I struggle with my time management.

There are so many thinks I still  wanna do or need to do, but I m running out of time.
In 5 days I m already in London waiting for the next plane to board.
That sounds so crazy and I still cant believe it.

I packed my backpack today and it is heavier than I wanted it to be, but I have no idea what to take out and leave behind.
I think, all whats in there is essential for me, at least for now. I would like to down size over time, I know I have some just in case items in my bag. But right now I m not quit ready to leave them behind. 

Thinking about leaving gives me a difficult feeling. I know, I will most likely be gone for no longer than 1,5 years and time flies but on the other hand, a lot of things can happen in this time. And I will not be part of it. I m sure I will see incredibility things and places, meet people who chance my live , but at home I will miss out.
Sadly that’s the price I have to pay.


Dienstag, 23. Februar 2016

What's in my backpack? Part II Carry-on


Today Part II of „What's in my backpack?“

As my backpack isn't quite ready yet, there are still some stuff to get. I will go on with my Carry-on.

I will take a small backpack and a little purse.

In the backpack I take:

spare clothes (shirt, leggings, underwear)
toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrush, cream, deo, comb)
DSLR and cable
point and shoot camera
water bottle
travel pillow
travel guide
second phone

In my purse:

disinfecting wipes
lip balm
some candy
music + headphones
documents (passport, visa)
sleeping mask

Yes and that's it.
Please let my know if I forgot something!
If you wanna keep up with my travels you can do this here!!
And also on:

And here is the first part!

Thanks you


Sonntag, 21. Februar 2016

What's in my backpack? Part I Toiletries

Hey guys

Today I like to share with you the first part of “Whats in my backpack!”
This is a really popular thing on YouTube and I thought I like to try it on my blog.

I have to do it in three parts otherwise it would be to much.

Today I will start of with my toiletries:

I take two wash bags, one for the daily use and one just to store things.
I can already hear some complaints, but I need to take two is will explain later.

In the daily use one I have:

travel bottles of soap and shampoo
a shampoo-bar from lush
a brush
a deodorant
some cream for body and face
an eye cream
a razor
a toothpaste and toothbrush
some flows
some make up (just one concealer, eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow)
one lip balm
a tweezer
some earplugs
an hygiene stuff (girl stuff)

In the second one I have:

My med's (and that is taking the most space that's why the second one)
suncream (because everyone is complaining it is so expensive in NZ)
ALBA (a Czech product basic alcohol for sterilizing stuff and wounds)
bug spray
rein (wash detergent)

Big premiere a short video today, I really bad at this so please be patient!

And that's it. That's all I taking for toiletries and I hope it will last long.
If you have any tips what I might forgot please let me know!

LG Marie

Freitag, 19. Februar 2016

[TBT] Philadelphia


Today is the next TBT!
Philly/ Philadelphia



An other city how was not to far away from my AuPair location(which was near Baltimore).
Philly is about 2 hours away from there. I went there several times with different people and meet some good friends there, for the first time. So for me is have a lot of good memory of Philly.

It is a very historical city, with the Independence Hall, the place they signed the Declaration of Independence. So its a very imported city. Right there you also find the Liberty Bell. The bell does not work because of a big crack. How this crack appeared? They are not sure but there are some funny rumors.

Still it is the location of famous films like Rocky or National Treasure (I love that movie).
And if you wanna feel like Rocky, you can try to run up the stairs in front of the the Museum of Art. Or you can just do so for a picture.

If we are speaking of pictures, the most of them are taken (I thing) in front of the LOVE sign.
A lot of big cities have one, but in Philly everyone goes there.

Philly is a great city, you don’t need any public transportation to get to all of the touri stuff and it is just nice.
But if you get off the main streets you can find something else what is famous for Philly.
All over the city there are paintings on walls, they just look fantastic. Philly is a city of art and history and you can see that in every street.

If you have the chance to visit Philadelphia then do it. It is the place where the US was founded.


PS: All the pictures like always on my Facebook page!

Montag, 15. Februar 2016



It's in the middle off the night as I m writing this and I suppose to sleep. There is a heavy day coming up tomorrow, but I can't right now. I have to get this out.

I just watched that video. 

And it made me think about my travel experience and how traveling and living abroad changed me.

The first thing that's jumped in my head was, that I know now, who my real friends are.

Living away from home, all my, so called, friends turn their back's on me and I was always afraid, that this will happen with all people I meet, while live go's on. I thought because of living on the road, I will end up as lonely as I feel in my home town.

But that was not the case. Down the road I met people who I really think and hope they will stay in my live forever. And even if there are 1000's of miles between us, they will never turn their back's on me, just because it is inconvenient, to live so far apart.

And I also learn that never all of the people you meet will keep in touch and that's ok. Even if it's hard. The ones that are worth it, they will stay.

LG Marie



And happy...

Today is Valentinesday. I don't know what I should think about that.

I find nothing special today.
And I think every other single on this earth sees that the same way.

I could say, it's just a day when all couples show us how lonely we are.

No that's not true. To be single, does not mean to be lonely. We just didn't find the right one yet.

Yes that's it.
So I wish everyone a happy Sunday.


Samstag, 13. Februar 2016

[TBT] Washington DC


Today I like to tell you guys some more about Washington DC, the capital of the United States of America.

First time I visited DC was in November 2011. I did fall in love, with this city, right away. I spend 7 days in the DC area and drove into the city at least 5 times.

DC is so beautiful and everything is in walking distance. Take the metro to gallery place and you can walk everywhere.  

When I had to show someone around I always started at the Capitol. Than walking down the National Mall to the Washington Monument. From there to the Withe House, Second World War Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, Roosevelt Memorial, Martin Luther King Jr. and ending at the Lincoln Memorial. This tour takes about 4-6 hours depending how fast you work and how much time you wanna spend at the different Memorials. 

If you going to DC and you stay there over night make sure you book a "DC at Night tour" or at least go to the memorials after sun down. The lighting at night is absolutely amazing and you should not miss that.

This is just a short view over DC but there is so much more what I like to share.
That's why DC will get features here several times, with different attractions and a lot of pictures ( to be found here )

Washington DC is one of the few big city's in the US I could imagine to live in. That's how much I love it. 


Mittwoch, 10. Februar 2016

Books Books Books


I recently watch a lot of YouTube. I follow 15 YouTubers some of them for the last couple years.
I was looking for some new channel and found 3 or so.

If you know some fun channels to follow, please let me know.

A few years ago I love to watch BookTubers but the down side is that they recommend so many books and a lot of them sound great and I wanna read them.
But I m a really slow reader so and that means I will never catch up with my “I like to Read”- list.

Today I saw one of the last BookTubers, I follow, doing a Book Tag and of cause she recommend so many great sounding books.
Some of them will end up an my list, I just cant help it.

Sadly my Kindle broke two weeks ago and my day goal is to try a few things, to fix it. Hopefully it will work, I really love my Kindle.
It is so practicable I can have 1000 Books on it and it will not get heavy. Perfect for traveling!   

So fingers crossed!!!

But first I have to write down all the names of my samples because they will be lost for sure.
In the end I sorted out a lot of the samples and I will wait a little before I will look for more.
Probably i should read my books first. 

I hope I will have more time to read in the upcoming year on the road.

Update: I played around with my Kindle and reset it completely and for now it seams to work again!!!!!!
YES I am so happy !!!!!!!

LG Marie

PS: If you have some great book I should look into let me know!

Sonntag, 7. Februar 2016

I think of you


Actually I was planing on posting something about my travels. Like what kind of backpack I m using or how to get the visa. Stuff like that. But I figure that all post I m writing on this matters and I m not currently doing, sound like rotten eggs.
I cant get them out like I want to. So I decided not to do it.

Instead I wanna talk about something I found on Facebook today.

This little text is speaking right out of my soul. When I read this earlier, I got reminded of, how many time, this kind of thought, has crossed my mind.
I m a very insecure person. Even when I m not look like it in public. But if you say something about me, I will over think it for ever. Little comments about me, that others mean like a joke, can destroy my world and make me feel so bad and sad that I like to disappear.

That is a reason why I often think back to people from my past and ask myself

Do they miss me, like I miss them? Do they even still know me? Or have I disappeared out of there lives for good?”.

In moments like this I try to contact this people on Facebook or Whatsapp or on the phone. And most of the time I get disappointed, how few of them will write back. For me that’s always hurtful, even if I know that they maybe just busy or stressed. But that’s me.

So please be patient with me if I annoy you sometimes, I just wanna see if you are okay.

LG Marie

Freitag, 5. Februar 2016

[TBT] New York City 1


Some of you know that I already spent two years of my life in the US.
I was an AuPair from march 2012 to march 2014.
In this time I started this blog, too.

I really regret that I was so lacy and didn’t write on my travel blog, but now it is to late.?

No it is not. I will not be able to rebuild all my experience but I will give you an overlook over the places I visited back than. Tell you which city’s I liked and what to do there.

So under the tag TBT I will introduce you to one of the places I visited in the US and in general.

Starting with:

NYC – New York City 

Everyone always loves NY!
But sorry, I don’t.

I have been there 5 times and the best thing for me were the people I have been with.
New York is big, busy, loud and dirty. Of cause the city has nice places, too. But it is just not my favorite city and no place for me to life in. Sorry! But I always enjoined my time there.

Let's talk about some of the Must Do's !

Central Park – is amazing in the summer and in the winter. It always blow my mind to be in the middle of Manhattan and it can be so quite. Just siting there and watching people work out, sleep in the sun or, in the winter, have fun on the ice, is so relaxing.

Staten Island – A free ride with the Staten Island Ferry is must do in NY. Of course there are tons of people but they are everywhere in NYC. The ferry takes you pass the Statue of Liberty and you have an amazing view at the Skyline of Manhattan. I just recommend doing it at sunset!

Brooklyn Bridge – all the way in the South/east corner it Brooklyn Bridge an connects Manhattan and Brooklyn. The walk over the Bridge is pretty noisy but the view repays you for that. After you crossed over you should eat a Brooklyn Bridge Hot Dog ( I loved it) and go down to the river. Again a great place to take some pictures.

Rockefeller Center – famous for the Christmas Tree but also for the stunning view from the top floor. Rockefeller Center is the less expensive option to the Empire State Building ( I never got in to it because of the price and the long waiting time). You should make a reservation to get there at night, to see all the light of the city that’s never sleeps.

Ground Zero – is free. But because it is free you have to wait forever. I got there right in the morning and still waited almost 2 hours. The memorial it self is nice, less impressive than I thought but you go there more for the history the place has.

Times Square – is so crowed. The most famous place in NYC. It doesn’t matter when you go there, it is full of people, light and noise. We had a hotel there and it was just loud. But if you like shopping and musicals it is the place to be.

This are the 5. most famous places to see in NYC. I m thinking about to do an other one on NY to tell you a little about other great spots and things you maybe just see in the Big Apple.

See you soon


PS: pictures to the places I talk about you will find on my FB-Page, Instergram and Twitter.

Dienstag, 2. Februar 2016

[eng] Its getting real!?


Its getting real!
Right now in 30 days, I m in London, waiting for my fight to Hong Kong.
Just 30 days left and a new adventure will start.

Just if I think about it, it makes me a little nervous. I already start to miss Larry, my dog. Even if I know homesickness has never been an issue for me.
But of cause I struggle with this decision, who wouldn’t. Going to a new and unknown country is not that easy to do.
Don’t get me wrong, I m exited and looking forwards to it, but there are things they worry me.

Going into the final phase, there are so many things to consider and to organize, stuff to buy, backpacks to fill and people to say good bye. I always have trouble and doubts right before leaving.
I think that’s normal.
And I know is feelings will stay for a couple days, even after leaving and I found my strategies to get through it. But it is always a battle that I have to face, to fight and hopefully to win.

The biggest worries right now, are that I did everything and didn’t forgot something important. That everything is in place and everything will work out fine.

If you or anyone close to you is going abroad and they struggle, it doesn’t mean that they made the wrong decision, it just means they are human. So please encourage them and make sure they know that everything is going to work out just fine.

See you soon

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