Dienstag, 24. Mai 2016

The best is yet to come!


I dont have much to tell the last week. I live my au pair life, meet friends and work. But that is basically it.

My family is looking for a new au pair, that's quit sad because I like to stay longer but they are scared they don't find someone if I stay longer. It's quit ridicules but I can't change it.
That means for me, to leave in the middle of winter and find something new to do. I can't really save up here because I do to much.
I really not sure how to move on from here.

I wrote some applications to other families, mostly on the south island and just hope to get a job there. Until than I will try to finish my travels on the north island. I will get two more weeks off in July. Sadly that I have an appointment the first week on Thursday, which I can't move. So I m not sure how I will do it. The other thing is that in the second week a friend of mine will leave, to get back to Germany, on Friday. That's really sad and not good for my travel plans. But the time will show what and how I will do it.

So right now I basically just plan and a little worry what comes next. Even if I'm sure there is no reason to worry because somehow but will all work out. But I can't help it.


Mittwoch, 18. Mai 2016

Jounaling I


Since my little roadtrip nothing, important happened and due to my bad stomach last week I didn't felt like blogging. I was really sick and now I'm more than happy that it is over.

But even I wasn't feeling well, I tried to do some things beside watching Netflix and sleeping.
I spend a lot of time on Instgram, browsing through picture and found some inspiration.
One thing in particular caught my eyes.

And it was journaling again.
I love having notebooks, I love to write everything down and I just love to look through old notebooks. On Instgram are so many creative people, how make so much out of a boring page and I m not one of them. I can't draw and I way to self-critic, so I hardly ever like was I draw or decorat.
But I really like to give it another try. Most fascinating to me, are the trackers. There are people out there how track everything, from there water they drink a day, the hours of sleep, sports, food, mood, everything.
I did try some of it but always forgot to write it down on the end of the day.
Another thing I now try out is the goal track.
Giving myself a goal and track my way to it. For me I got 2 things I try it on.
First is the Kernstaub track.
Kernstaub is a book I try to read for a long time, but 900 pages look terrifying to me. So I create a page for it.

The book has 56 chapters and I know that in the end the first letter of every chapter will become a sentence.
I will see how that works out. Hopefully it will keep me motivated.

The other goal I wanna track it my hiking.
Since I m in New Zealand I do way more hiking then ever before and I gave myself the kinda small goal to hike 200 km until I leave. That is not to much for still 9 months to go.

For every 10k I will color one on the shoe. :)

I hope all of you are well and please let me know if you are being one of us notebook freaks!


Dienstag, 10. Mai 2016

Coromandel road trip!


Today I write to you from the top of a mountain.

The last 3 days I did a small road trip a long the Coromandel peninsula. Worst things first, here are millions of mosquitos, I m not sure if I have any blood left.

But besides this little vampires it was a wonderful trip.
Coromandel isn't a big as I thought so I had could do it in 2 days but why the hurry.
I got really lucky with the weather, my hostdad told me it will rain all the time but it was sunny and almost hot.
The first day I did the most driving. First stop was Thames to get some food. From Thames to Coromandel town  you have to drive a coast road. That means a lot of curves and great views. I stoped several times to enjoy the ocean. I love the ocean. In Coromandel town I visited the information and got some ideas what to do. I went for a small hike but I turned around early because of a little rain. I keeped driving to Whangapoua and walked a long the beach. I stayed a earls paradise. It was a really lovely owner with a German woofer. The neighbor was fishing and show us his catch. I don't know the fish names but there were big, the biggest was 1,10 m. And some smaller tuna, red snapper, and more.

After a long night with many mosquitos I drove to Cooks beach. I went to the i-side first and they told me the cathedral cove is closed today. Bad luck. But Cooks was nice I walk to the Shakespeare cliff and back. Than I decided just to drive to the cove and see what's going on. I got there and the track was closed but there were other tracks so I went to stingray bay. On the way back the guy from the road work told me, the track would be reopened in about an hour. So I waited and meet a nice Brazilian guy. He works in France and is here to do all the hobbit stuff. It toke them longer than an hour to finish but it was ok. As we finally were abel to go there it was wonderful. It is a stunning beach with little water falls, blue ocean and of cause the cove. I can't put in words how beautiful it was. We spend quit a time there and on the way back I gave my new friend a lift to hot water beach. The hot water was really hot, burning hot. but we found a sandhole with quit nice warm water and relaxed. With the time the tide was raising and we had to go. I left my friend behind and drove on. It was a great day and I saw again how happy I m on the road, free to go where I want to. To find the place I wanted to stay overnight was a little adventure, but I got there. It was already dark. So I cooked and went to bed again the millions of mosquitoes.

Today I woke up early and went at 7am for a 40 min walk. It was beautiful no one were awake by than just birds.
I should do that more often. Afterwards I packed together and drove back to Thames. This time the I-side was open and I got some information. That track with the gold mine sadly is on winter hour just open on the weekends. But this one valley near Thames has a lot of nice walks. But to get from the valley visitor center to the tracks was hell. This road has holes unbelievable. For certain the worst road I drove ever. It toke me longer to drive the road than to hike.
The view from the mountain was stunning and I spent at least an hour up there. Sitting in the sun, starting that post and relaxing.

The rest of the day was driving home and buy new shoes. I have a cent big hole on the bottom, you can look at my food. So it was really necessary to get some new ones.
Now I will go to the cinema with Irma and watch civil war. Hopefully it is as good as the Brazilian guy said.


Samstag, 7. Mai 2016



I had a quite week. Kyrah was sick for two days so I really didn't anything.

But I had a realization.
I always thought that the fact that my US hostmum was German and always talked german with me didn't really affect me. My English it good I understand almost everything and can everyone tell what I want.
But I was wrong.
I did miss out. I see more and more that I have a really simple vocabulary. There is nothing wrong with that but now I see where could be.

I don't regret having a German hostmum, because it was the right thing for me and it was great to have someone to talk to in German. It made the settling in so much easier.

So don't get me wrong I don't wanna scare anyone to take a family how is speaking your native language. If it feels right for you do it. You will still learn so much and you English will improve no matter what.
Don't turn a family down just because of the language.

I see it like that now, I still can learn so much here, even in a part of my life I thought there it not so much more.


Dienstag, 3. Mai 2016

Busy Weekend


It is already May. How the hell did that happen ?
Maybe because I m busy?

With out even planing it, my weekend was packed. First I didn't know what to do.
On Saturday we went to Port Wailato. We that's some other au pairs and me. We filled up the 7 seat "people mover", it wasn't the best idea in the end, and drove off. I really got motion sickness so the drive was hell for me. But the place was gorgeous. It is kinda a delta where the river meets the ocean. a wonderful place with sand dunes. Three of us went swimming but I didn't, I didn't bring swimming choth. So we just sitting on the dunes and enjoyed the sun.

After the swim We played wizard and of course I was one of the losers.
As we just started our journey home we realized a noise. Apparently we are to fat. The car was sitting on the wheels. We didn't notice that on the way there because it was really loud in the car. And we had to drive 45 minutes to get back.
I better not telling how we got back but it wasn't legal.
The evening I spend at Clara's house. We watched a movie and I stayed over night.

On Sunday we did another hike at the Hanua Regional Park. It was beautiful. The weather was great, a little to warm for my taste but who is complaining. It was a 3 hour hike. I don't remember how the walk was called. (Wairoa Loop)
But we had some nice views. One of the lookouts was again a little disappointing and blocked by a hugh pile of sand. The second one was way better and we kinda made a picnic.

After that hard walk we needed an ice cream. Nicci knew one. It was really good and cheap. Two giant scoops  for 3$. And it was delicious. A place to remember!

Yesterday I was just working like today, too. So quite lazy.


Freitag, 29. April 2016

Instagram challenge in May


The last few days didn't really happen anything, I went out for coffee and saw some friends. That was it.

So because I don't have much to tell today, I wanna tell you what I m up to in May.
Over Facebook I found a girl who is doing a challenge on instagram in May. She wrote down a list with themes and we are supposed to post a picture every day, related bto the list.
I decided to participate in this challenge because it is to tell others about yourself, your blog and why are you doing what you do.
My blog started as a kind of dairy, then I invite friends and now I love to share my thoughts, adventures and experience with everyone. But a lot of people who read my blog, don't know me or why I m writing. So I think this challenge is wonderful to introduce myself and my blog to new people and to people who are already following me.
There for I am planning my posts on instagram right now to show you my intentions.

Please feel free to follow this challenge under #meetthebloggerde or of cause on
my instagram account (https://www.instagram.com/just_me_blog/).

I also will post ever picture on my Facebook page (https://m.facebook.com/Just-me-929664637108227/)

I hope this challenge will be a full success and if you have questions you like to have answered write me in the comments or per e-mail.


Ps: It is still time to participate in the challenge, just if someone likes to.

Montag, 25. April 2016

I saw Kiwis!


I m back from my trip now. We came back yesterday, so a day early. The weather wasn't so good that we decided to just go home.

On Friday we went to rainbow springs. That is kinda like a zoo, but they had mostly native New Zealand animals, like the Tui, Kea and of course Kiwis. They are looking a little weird for a bird but they are cute. We so 4 different ones. Rainbow Springs has an cooperation with the Department of Conservation (doc) it called Kiwis Encounter. That means they get wild Kiwi eggs from all over the country and make sure that they hatch. Out in the wild, 95% of the chicks die before they are 6 months old. That's why people keep monitoring the birds in the wild and steal there eggs. So they make sure that about 75% survive the first 6 months. The biggest danger for the Kiwi are dogs, cats and stouts. The Kiwi Encounter keeps the birds until they are a kilogram, because than there are just two predators left. The dogs and the cats. After that time they get released to the wild again.
We learned a lot about the Kiwi for example there are 5 different species of Kiwi or that it is not to 100% sure if the Kiwi is really a bird or how territorial they are. I could tell so much more.

We also saw a bird show and many lizards. We spend almost the hole day in Rainbow Springs and at night we watched a movie at the cinema.

Saturday it was time to leave Rotorua and slowly make are way back. But first we did a walk at the redwoods. It was really beautiful and hard because I still have my cold. The lookout was really bad and not worth the way up.  but the woods itself was great, with all the big tree's and (because we got there early) really quite.
Afterwards we got on the road. We made a stop at the Adrenaline forest. It is a park where you can climb in the trees. Irma and I did the first 3 levels out of 6. I tryed the 4 one but I couldn't complete it, it was just to hard. It toke us around 3 hours.
Then we drove to our campsite McLaren park it was a wonderful park on a lake with water, very loud birds, ducks and glowworms. The Ranger told us about a little walk we should do after sunset where we can see 1000 of glowworms. Of course we did that. After dinner we made are way to the track and it was really breathtaking. You looked at the site of the path and it looked like the night sky everywhere little stars on the ground or the walls. It is indescribable it was so beautiful. It was really dark and the glowworms are so distracting that it was hard to find the path.

On Sunday it was raining the hole day so we just drove home.

And today was not really much to do. We went for a coffee and to say goodbye to Julia how is leaving tomorrow. Now I sitting at the duke pond and write this here.